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Building empathy and understanding
of childhood mental health

Creating a Community of Support

M.I understanding is taking their philosophy of everyone working together to support families by Creating Communities of Support

The idea with this event is to provide parents with basic information on some common areas where children struggle; bedtime, setting limits, separation anxiety, managing worries. Different stations with general information, tips and tricks from parents and experts as well as resources will provide families with a starting point to overcoming common challenges.

Parents, teachers and professionals will be on hand to provide real life resources. Some challenges are not solved overnight. Teaching a child to cope often takes time and patience. Talking with parents who have been there and getting support from teachers and professionals can give parents the courage to keep trying.

Little children have little problems, but teaching them to cope, supporting them and providing them with the tools they need to overcome these challenges will help them when they encounter bigger problems as they get older.

A lot of parents feel these little challenges are a result of bad parenting, so they suffer in silence or try and fix them on their own. There is strength in numbers. Reaching out for support, working with teachers, talking with other parents who have been there can provide families with the resources they need.

Creating a community of support where families, schools, communities and professionals work together helps build resiliency in our families.

It all starts with understanding.




Thursday, April 14
6:00- 7:30pm (free admission)
Woodland Heights Public School

Creating a community of support at Woodland Heights
Building empathy, understanding and resiliency in our families.

Information and support on:

  • Picky eaters
  • Separation anxiety and change
  • How to manage worry
  • Setting social media limits
  • Importance of play
  • Setting limits
  • Get moving
  • Bedtime routines

The Experts:

Rene Frances (bedtime)  www.goodnightfairy.ca

Sarah Leyes ( Art Therapist) arttherapyartsmart.com

Rick Harper ( Behavioural Strategist). rickharper.ca

READ this article on importance of play.

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Previous Events:

March 3, 2016
5:30- 7:30pm (free admission)
Victoria Public School

Thursday, February 25
6:00- 8:30pm (free admission)
Family Night at Wortley Road  PS

Saturday February 27
9:00- 11:30am (free admission)
South London Community Centre

Friday, January 29
5:00- 8:00pm (free admission)
The London Children’s Museum

Friday, October 2
5:00- 8:00pm (free admission)
The London Children’s Museum


About the project

M.I. Understanding:

An initiative using new digital media to support children and families who are experiencing childhood mental health issues. Through educational and entertaining videos that start the conversation and develop communication, M.I.understanding will help build empathy, understanding and resiliency.

Project Overview:

M.I. understanding (mental illness understanding) is looking to change the way we think about mental health in kids. 70% of childhood mental health can be treated if caught early and yet most families are embarrassed or unaware their child needs help. Many kids suffering with mental health issues are labeled as naughty or difficult. Empathy and understanding will go a long way to helping these children develop the tools they need to deal with mental health issues as teenagers.

This project consists of a series of videos along with accompanying resources on a website channel dedicated specifically to childhood mental health. The concept is endorsed by Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program) as well as the Thames Valley District School Board (Mental Health Strategic Planning Committee).

Ask yourself, when it comes to childhood mental illness,
M.I. understanding?


Anxiety ‘pilot’


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Help increase awareness and empathy for childhood mental illness.

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Kids Mental Health Optimist Club of Canada
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