Parents in Partnership with Educators


PIPE program

Parents in Partnership with Educators

The goal of the PIPE program is to help you create an effective school partnership between schools and families. We do this by providing real experience, advice and support to help families strengthen their relationship with school and building their confidence as advocates.

  We help families work collaboratively with their child’s school and teacher by:

 Organizing your child’s school/ medical history to tell a clear story

 Helping you prepare for school meetings and joining you (if needed)

 And preparing you to be an equal and active partner at school meetings.

 We do not offer educational or medical advice. Our goal is to give you the tools and support to better navigate the education system.

 At M.I. understanding, we believe in `Creating a Community of Support’ for families dealing with mental health. We are not alone. Families participating in the P.I.P.E. program are sponsored by proud members of our community who believes strongly in the philosophy of all of us working together.

3 tips for getting ready for a school meeting:

1)   Know what you want: what is the problem? Think of some solutions and be prepared if they ask you what YOU would like them to do.

2)   Separate the people from the problem: You might have every right to be upset, but blaming might make finding a solution difficult.

3)   See problem from a different angle: Think about the problem from the schools point of view. How might they see things?