Don’t forget to Vote for M.I. understanding at Aviva!

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What We Need & What You Get

Our challenge is to make the M.I. Understanding tool accessible to everyone, at no cost; so they can be used in schools, watched by families and passed on to extended family and friends. We want the series of webisodes and other support information that accompanies the videos to be accessible at any time at no cost in order to help families and children get the help they need.

Our first 5 webisodes will deal with anxiety, the most common form of childhood mental illness. The scripts have been developed with the help of the Child and Youth Mental Health Program at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Center.

Our team has first hand experience with childhood mental illness and is committed to this project for passion not profit. We want to make a difference so children are able to deal with the challenges of mental illness without prejudice and to grow and mature to become happy and thriving adults. We have come a long way with this project on our own but we still need help to see our dream fulfilled. Funds raised will help us get the videos produced, posted online and available to everyone.

The goal of this project is to increase understanding, so children with mental health issues don’t feel so alone. We want families dealing with childhood mental illness to feel supported, not isolated and we want to change how mental health issues in children are understood. Ask yourself- M.I.understanding?


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